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Type and Signification Application Range JBR2-口口series thermal overload relay is used in the power network of AC 50Hz or 60Hz,voltage up to 660V,current of 95A and below, it protects the circuit and electromotor from overload, phase loss, long starting duration, and long blocking duration. With the differential mechanism, temperature compensation ,adjustable setting current, and optional auto or manual resetting, it can be working individually or assembled with CJX2 AC contactor. Action Characteristicahe Action Time as Three-Phase Balanced

Setting current multiple

Action time

Starting condition

Ambient temperature













Action Characteristic of Phase-Loss
Setting current multiple Action time Starting condition Ambient temperature
Any two phase Third phase
1.0 0.9 ≥2h Cold 20±50℃
1.15 0 <2h Hot  
Diagram Thermal Overload Relay Special Function • Open the transparent cover 1,to adjust and control. • Turn around the dial which Calibration unit in Amp and adjust it • After finish setting, lock it with cover tools 3 • Open the transparent cover, Choose reset model by turning the blue "Reset" selector 4 一turn left, reset by manual 一press down, then turn right, reset by automatic. So the selector will stop in automatic place, only turn it left, it will back to the manual place. •Put down the cover, the selector will be locked. •Press blue "Reset‘,button, the relay will take the manual reset. •Press the red "Stop" button 5 will achieve"Stop function" •Press "Stop" button: 一N/C in action 一No influece to N/O •Press red test button 6 by screwdriver, to achieve TEST function •Test button can simulate the relay tripping, and: 一The N/O, N/C contact in action. 一Make the trip indicator 7 in action.