Factory Cheap Hot Plastic Machine Contactor - JB19(CJ19-43)Switching capacitive contactor – Jiebang

Applicable Range JB19switching capacitor type contactor is used in power network of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, voltage up to 380Mfor operating or switchingLVcapacitor control device in LV reactive power circuit. With antisurge device, it can reduce impact of closing surge and prevent from overloadas breaking. Main Technical Parameters
Parameter Type JB19-25 JB19-32 JB19-43 JB19-63 JB19-95 JB19-115 JB19-150 JB19-170
Controllable Capacitor Capacity (Kvar) 220V 6 9 10 15 28.8(240V) 34.5(240V) 46(240V) 52(240V)
380V 12 18 20 30 50(400V) 60(400V) 80(400V) 90(400V)
Rated Insulated Voltage(V) 500 690
Rated Operating Voltage(V) 220/240´╝î380/400
Stipulated Heatina Current(A) 25 32 43 63 95 200 200 275
Rated Working CurrentAC-6b and 400VA 17 23 29 43 72.2(400V) 87(400V) 115(400V) 130(400V)
Prevention Capacity on Closing Surge 20Ie
Control Supply Voltage 110,127,220,380
Auxiliary Contacts, Stipulated Heating Current 10
Highest Operating Frequency(Time/Hour) 120
Electrical Life(100times) 10 2
Mechanical Life(10`times) 100 20
Circuits Diagram