JBX9 2P Series AC Contactors For Air Conditioning

Type and Signification ① Contactor Series Code ③ Bipolar ② A Rated working currentA ④ Monopole Application Range JBX9B-25S/D series AC contactors for air conditioning are suitable for the control of single-phase load circuits with AC 50Hz or 60Hz, voltage 380V and rated working current 25A. At present, it is widely used in the main circuit of single-phase mechanical equipment and the control of compressor of single-phase air conditioner.The product meets IEC 60947: 814048 standard. Main technical parameters Rated insulation voltage UI: 660V; Rated operating voltage UE: AC380V; Rated working current IE: 25A; Mechanical life>1 million times; Electrical life>200,000 times; Coil operating voltage range: 70%一10% Us; Coil operating voltage Us: 24V; 110V; 220V. Contactors'outline dimensions and installation dimensions

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